Whithner Screen Graphics, LLC now offers a solution to many triggering problems experienced in the past.


  • Optical Isolation for enhanced noise immunity and equipment protection.

  • Debounced outputs for jitter-free signal transitions.

  • Interface transition times typically ≤ 1 microsecond.

  • Four Channel system allows instrumentation of multiple break screens.

  • Each Channel provides +5 volt and switch closure transition signals.

  • Output signals buffered to drive 50 ohm loads.

  • Input and Output signal connectors are standard BNC.

  • Operates from two +24 volt regulated power supplies (included).

  • Can be customized by Whithner or user to match the impedance of the screen up to 10,000 OHMS.


The Triggerbox 1000 Four Channel Break Screen Signal Conditioner offers a convenient method for interfacing Whithner Screen Graphics, LLC break screens with a wide variety of measurement apparatus. This device accepts signals from relatively high-impedance break screens as input. The penetration of a break screen triggers the generation of robust voltage and switch closure output signals that are available to activate the user’s test equipment.

Since many break screen applications are associated with electronically noisy environments, the Triggerbox 1000 Four Channel Break Screen Signal Conditioner has been designed to offer a high degree of noise immunity. The break screen input circuit is optically isolated from the subsequent output circuitry to attenuate spurious noise that may be induced through the break screen. In the unfortunate event that external voltages are accidentally applied to the break screen, this optical isolation also provides 2500 volts of protection for the user’s equipment. The output signal from each channel of signal conditioning is provided in two convenient forms. A +5 volt, 1 millisecond pulse is available that is capable of driving a 50 ohm load. In addition, a 1 millisecond switch-closure signal is also provided. These outputs are debounced to guarantee jitter-free signal transitions. The response time of the Signal Conditioner is typically ≤ 1 microsecond.

The Triggerbox 1000 Four Channel Break Screen Signal Conditioner is housed in an 8” x 10” x 4” aluminum enclosure with BNC connectors for all input and output connections. An LED indicator light displays the ready status of each channel. A single push-button switch simultaneously resets all four channels for operation. Power is provided by two + 24 volt regulated wall power supplies which are included.